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Royal Mania

Royal Mania moves joy into the virtual world! First take the store game console as a sample, rewrite it into an app, and then launch it with a brand-new look, so that people can experience the fun of the playground even without going out!

Play is the most primitive instinct given to mankind by God. In the current society, the pressure of busy life and so on have caused “play” to be out of reach for everyone.

Everyone still remember the funfair & amusement park electronic game machine used to accumulate lottery to redeem gifts when they were young. Now it has slowly disappeared.


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With the development of technology, online shopping and delivery, etc., fewer and fewer people go out. You can eat, drink and play online Solved.

Amuze Group shd. Bhd. was established to allow people to enjoy the fun of amusement parks at home without going out, to meet the play needs of modern people, and to develop the Royal Mania app.