For new user sign up verify Account by Mobile Phone Number via OTP SMS. A verification code is a 6-digit PIN code that we send to your Mobile Phone Number via SMS. There are risk in claiming prizes for those who do not verify.
Please understand this.

ROYAL MANIA’s account were all manage by Mobile Phone Number.
Only requires signed up Mobile Phone Number to log in to game in order to sync players profile to continue gaming.
※Please first sign up your Mobile Phone Number and set with password.

If you did not receive account verification OTP via SMS , kindly double-check that the correct country/region is type in front of the phone number entry box.

ROYAL MANIA’s account were managed by Mobile Phone Number provided.
One Mobile Phone Number are only allow to create one(1) account.

Completed delete account’s data will be completely erased from system.
Data would not be recovered in future.
Please be cautious of this.

Follow steps below to delete your account.

1.Tap on right bottom「≡」icon on main page.
2.Select 「Account Setting」 > 「Erase Account」

Please follow given steps to completely delete account.

Follow the order below to reset your password

< Password Reset Steps >
1.Select 「Forgot Password」on Login page .
2.Please enter your account email address.
3.You should receive a SMS OTP under your registered Mobile Phone number in short while.
4.Reset with your new password and fill in SMS OTP.

You’re complete with a new password.

If you Unable to access to your ROYAL MANIA account, Please confirm details as below.

  1. Is the Username/Email and Password given correctly
    ※Username/Email and Password given has follow accordingly with capitol letter in alphabet, numeric and punctuation marks.
    Please be sure 「Caps Lock」 were unlocked.
  2. Forgot the right password
    If you forgotten your password, Please follow the steps to reset your password.
  3. Memories overload in device for applications or browsers cache
    Remove minimized application and delete browsers cache to enhance gaming experience.
    Restart device or reinstall application will also improve log in progress.
  4. Clear cookies setting
    Clearing Cookies may help to improve log in issues.

If you have confirmed steps above and still could not solves, Please do email to our customer service at 「customerservice@royal-mania.com」. We will reply to you in 48 hours (Monday to Friday working hours GMT+8).


  1. Arcade Machine
    Play games and accumulate ticket to exchange gift at 「REDEEM」.
  2. Play To Be Rewarded
    Play game and achieve given goal to win the prize or reward.
  3. Gashapon.
    Gashapon, also called gachapon, are a variety of vending machine-dispensed capsule items.
  4. $10 Blind Box Machine
    $10 boxes and/or bags will be sealed and we don’t know which item is inside them. It’s kinda like buying trading cards, except you don’t get a piece of cardboard, you get a cool toy!

During the free touring, players can on hand to try any game that is available in the apps.
Free touring is only available on the first download of the apps.
If your device has installed and tried free play, apps removed and reinstall or changes of device under same account, etc
Free touring will not be available.

If there is any issues during the gaming experience. Please report to customer service.
If there is individual network issue detected, ROYAL MANIA will not bear the cost of it.

First, please try steps below.

  1. Restart device.
  2. Please make sure to have a stable network connection.
  3. Remove all other under running applications.

If above steps did not resolve,

  1. Reinstall the apps and log in again

Still does not resolve, Kindly approach our customer service for further assistance.

Developing team will do internal examination for each and every game before publishing it.
If there is detected a confirmed bug or glitch happens in the apps, operating team will eventually troubleshoot and compensate base on its severity of the situation.

Some times systems will judge wrongly on the result for players to claim on dedicated gifts or ticket(s).
Please do contact customer service for further investigation to provide solution.
Even system shows gift gain, but it is not tally with the gameplay, our team will not bear on the lost.

Some times system will judge wrongly on the gifts or ticket(s) for players supposed to get.
Please do contact customer service for further investigation to provide solution.

Other than that, if you could provide evidence (photo or video) during the gameplay.
it will also help us to speed up the process of solution.


TK is a ROYAL MANIA gaming virtual currency.
TK can be purchased after log in to an account.
Player will receive relevant TK upon reloaded amount in individual account.

*Silver Tokens > Daily login to get the free Silver Tokens or purchased after log in to an account.
*Gold Tokens > Gold Tokens can be purchased after log in to an account.

Each ticket machine will dispense relevant ticket amount to the players after each round of the game.
There are expiry on the ticket, the expired ticket are will not be allow to utilised, please be noted.

Players will need to reload 15 days to accumulate ticket, ticket can be extend for usage after reload, (if not) reload, ticket will be forfeited : We will send a notification for reminder three (3) days before tickets expiry.

Reload during an unstable network.
There are risk of delay or disconnected situation.
Please do reach customer service via email「customerservice@royal-mania.com」

Sold TK are all nonreturnable.

Reload during connection switches will not be recognised if transaction was not made.

There will be delay occasionally on connection. If player did not receive reloaded TK after 30 minutes. Please do contact customer service via email 「customerservice@royal-mania.com」

With attachment of transaction notifications, will also help to speed up the investigation.


Player may exchange accumulated ticket to prize in REDEEM. Prize can be custody in MY GIFT in your account, collect for multiple prize to send in once.

Please reach customer service via email 「customerservice@royal-mania.com」and provide details below

  1. User name
  2. Prize tracking number
  3. Prize detail
  4. Evidence for the prize in visible and clear photo or video

Please be noted that the stain or damage on packaging of the prize does not covered, additional cost will be charged by players for exchanging prize.

Delivery cost depending on recipient location and weight of the prize. Please refer to prize delivery cost list before proceed to checkout.

There are risk to damage the prize packaging during transportation. Therefore there may be damage more or less on the package. We do not exchange the stocks once send out. Thank you.

The selected gift can be custody in players account MY GIFT for 5 days, if the prize was not request for send out in 5 days, it will be removed in MY GIFT and ticket will be return.

After players request to send out the dedicated prize, it is not allow to exchange for the prize.

We are not able to notify by each and every players. Prize update and renew will be posted on our social media: Instagram, Facebook and in our Apps > REDEEM.

All ticket exchanged prize will not be able to exchange to cash with ROYAL MANIA, Please be noted.


Due to high traffic in the system prize will be prepared and delivered by 14 to 30 working days (GMT+8)
Realistic time may effected by prize amount and stocks transmit process.
Also may effected by public holiday and festive long holiday.

There may be delay on prize sending process due to prize management process in the warehouse.
We could not provide the exact date on send out date or deliver date.
Thank you for the patient.

Player can delete account after request send out the prize.
After account delete is complete
We are not responsible if there are any issues on the prize sending and issues.
Please be cautious on this.

Once deleted account details will be completely erased from data system.
it will not be able to recover the accounts detail
Please be noted.

If players wish to update the sending address.
Please do change and update your address at PROFILE.

If unable to update and change the sending address.
Please do reach to our customer service for further assistance.

If prize has been request for send out
address may not be able to change.
Please be noted.

If received a different prize
please follow steps below for feedback

  • Prize gain different to system judged prize in MY GIFT
    Please report to ROYAL MANIA customer service.
    After investigated we will recorrect the actual prize for players.
    Be sured to get the corrected prize in MY GIFT before request for send out
    If prize were request to send out before correction, we will not be able to do any prize exchange or correction.
  • Received prize different from MY GIFT
    Received additional prize from what player supposed to receive.
    Please report to ROYAL MANIA customer service for feedback.
    in order for us to trace and investigate, please do provide photo of the particular orders receipt and prize itself.

ROYAL MANIA’s transportation will mainly send out thru PARCELHUB logistic service, there are also other logistic company in cooperate to send out the prize.*
Once prize proceed to send out, system will send player a notification to provide tracking number and link. Player may trace their prize with the link provided.

*With different logistic company process, once prize reached designated location. The appointed logistic company will arrange with locals transportation company and send to recipient.

Once order received by locals transporter, we will not be responsible if there are issues during the transporting process. Please do reach to locals transporter to follow up with the status.

*National delivery cost will depending on items weight and designated location.

Players may check on the delivery cost list to check on the price for reference.

Player shall be sured to have sufficient TK amount before request to checkout.

If there is any accident or natural disaster happen during delivery of the prize.
Please contact ROYAL MANIA customer service to report the issue.

Please prepare below particular

<Required Request Detail>

  • Tracking Number
  • Recipient Name (Full Name)
  • Contact Number

※Resend cost will be bear by ROYAL MANIA.

We are sorry that we do not provide this service
Once prize has requested to send out it is not allow to merge with a new gain prize.

If player wish to request send out new gain prize
Player may need to request a new send out order.


Free event will be given on first register each player for 5 times free play on every games.

Only first install on iOS or Google Play version ROYAL MANIA player equally get this benefits.
If players device once installed and played ROYAL MANIA previously will not entitled for the 5 times free play.

Other than that, player will not able to get ticket during the free play, only for experiencing purpose.
※Reinstall after deleted on the same device are not entitled for free play.
※Depending on event and prize, there may be some games are not entitled for free play for players.
※After 5 times free play utilised, players will not be able to extend the free play.

only available periodically during event.
Key in the「Promo Code」in designated column,
player will get special prize during the period or specific game.

Please follow us on our social media to be notified on relevant events broadcast.

We will answer all questions by first in first out sequence.
we will try our very best to provide solution to all players.
According to every different feedback situation, there may cost longer time to resolve.

Additionally please be sured,
Feedback were given thru our official website or ROYAL MANIA apps to contact us,

※Customer service operating hours Monday to Friday 10:00am to 18:00pm (GMT+8)
Please be noted.

Currently we do not provide any contact number for customer service.
Please feedback to us thru email to our customer service for further assistance.